Leaning Pine Arboretum

General Info

Located on the Cal Poly Campus, the Leaning Pine Arboretum occupies five acres overlooking the campus with dramatic views of the nearby coastal mountains. The arboretum can be rented for a wide range of events.

If you have questions about the use of the space leading up to or during your event, please contact the Plant Sciences department at plantsciences@calpoly.edu or (805) 756-1237.

Reserving the Space

Requests for reserving the space should be submitted via Cal Poly’s Leaning Pine Arboretum tour/event request form.

Once your event has been acknowledged, you may pay for your event fees using this website.  Choose the appropriate products that you will need for your event; a credit card may be used to pay for your event reservation.

100% of the fees go toward supporting student working experience and materials for maintaining Arboretum stewardship. Note regarding fee structures: Prices, facilities, and other details are subject to change.


  • Current Cal Poly Entities

Department, under 30 people = $200

Department, over 30 people = $400

Student Club = $100

  • Non-Cal Poly, Community, and Alumni Entities

Under 30 people = $400       

Over 30 people = $500


After submitting an event request form, an email from our staff will be sent in 2-3 business days notifying you that your reservation has been conditionally held.

Additional fees may be assessed if the space is damaged beyond reasonable usage.

All fees are subject to change and will be confirmed upon reservation approval.



Users must comply with all University policies and procedures regarding approved vendors including catering and rentals. Cal Poly recommends the approved vendors below; however, their use is not required.


For more information on university approved catering vendors, go here. 

For more information on university approved rental vendors, go here.



The H-14 parking lot and Poly Plant Shop lot are available for event guests but are charged at the regular short-term commuter rate.

If you wish to provide paid parking for event guests, contact Transportation and Parking Services (eventparking@calpoly.edu).


Porta Potty Rentals

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  1. Events can only be held during daylight hours.  
  2. During 2023-2024 school year walkways and Arboretum spaces may be under construction.
  3. Security deposit and 100% of total cost must be paid in full to confirm date. 
  4. Event Security fees not included. 
  5. Event insurance is not included.Cal Poly entities can obtain by emailing riskmanagement@calpoly.edu


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