Student Crews

Poly Plant Shop Lead

Oversees plant inventory offered for sale in the Poly Plant Shop, offers excellent customer service for our Poly Plant Shop visitors.

Floral Design Crew


Creates floral design orders and flower arrangements for sale; offers excellent customer service on subscriptions, planning special events, and delivery.


Farmer's Market Lead


Organizes and presents Cal Poly-grown products for sale at Farmers' Markets and on campus U-picks.


Tropical Foliage Crew

Maintains, propagates, and readies tropical foliage market.


Orchid Crew


Maintains, propagates, and readies orchid products for market.


Cut Flower Crew

Plans for upcoming cut flower needs; sows, maintains, harvests cut flowers from Cal Poly greenhouse production.


Succulent Crew


Maintains, propagates, and readies succulents for market.


Arboretum Crew


Cares for the Mediterranean climate plant collections at the Leaning Pine Arboretum.


Plantscape Crew


Works to create green interior spaces on Cal Poly campus.